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Mar 29, 2018
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I purchased a front splitter from a UK company 4 weeks ago which they said would take 4 weeks to arrive. I paid £550 plus £9.99 postage for the item.

I emailed them yesterday and there reply was, because it’s coming from America they’re struggling to have it sent over due to size and fragileness of the product.

They said they can still do it at a extra cost of £265 or refund me my money.

I want the splitter after waiting this long for it which is highly annoying do you think they should cough up the postage themselves due as it’s a c*ckup there end?

They have also removed the item from there website completely now.

Thanks in advance.



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Sadly, I can't imagine them paying the extra, or indeed being obliged to. It's probably better they say something now and lose the sale than have to deal with damaged goods later, and imagine how you'd feel if turned up broken.

Frustrating for you though.
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I'd just get your money back, if I was you.
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Very frustrating as I did ask them for a quote in my emails to include shipping, because I couldn’t see the item on there website. They sent me a link with it on and it was only £10. That’s the problem with companies importing everything why sell it if you don’t have full cost of stuff to hand. Useless.
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Maybe worth trying awesome gti for ecs carbon front? Unless that’s what that was Aaron
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Maybe worth trying awesome gti for ecs carbon front? Unless that’s what that was Aaron

It wasn’t them, I have just emailed them for a quote, after my previous experience With awesome gti I know I will get the goods.
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If your going for any more Arron maybe ask for a multi buy prices save postage from them? Maybe a set of fittings for the side skirts too
@Spaceman_RS3 very good point I will email him when I get a reply see what he says. I just want to get it all fitted so slightly gutted about have 4 weeks wasted
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Be worth it I’d love the carbon kit maybe on the rs4 if the wife lets me buy one lol
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