Which lowering springs to buy???


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Mar 16, 2018
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Hey guys, 2011 a3 8p black edition, standard 18" rotas but I want her lower... what brand do you recommend and lower by how much? Cheers.
Try @DPM damian can advise you.
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Eibach seems to be the kit to go with .... Also depends if you can handle stiff ....

As in eibach is one of the comfortable ones ....
Others aren't so road happy ....

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all the Eibach ones seem to be fronts only when I look for them
all the Eibach ones seem to be fronts only when I look for them
You have an S3?

If so then, it will only be the fronts from eibach .... They paired the spring rates to the rear and just made them lower .... Handles better apparently.

If you have an A3 then there is a full kit for it.

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View attachment 162142 View attachment 162142 I have Eibach 20mm lowering springs on my S3 which i am sure i sourced from @DPM and they are brill plus worth every penny , mind when you lower you will need to get shorter shocks ( well i had too ) . Heres a pic off the front off mine lowered just to give you an idea .


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Trouble is I have broken rears lol
Get new rears then .... Unless you like rough riding lowering springs, you should stay with eibach/OEM .... racingline and other brands seem quite rough .... I've run racingline R/S3 springs for awhile and there super stiff .... I'm swapping to eibach shortly ....

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If you really want lowering springs front and rear best chat to the professionals that way you get the correct set up so PM @DPM and be done with it
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I’ve just swapped the stock rear springs for new ones on my 2010 s3. it was literally an hour job. Saved 200 quid labour charge that Audi wanted
00572E42 ED48 4876 8FF9 49C658CE795C I still have these if you just want replacement rears.
From 2010 Black Edition 2.0tdi. Free, postage only. Unless you live not too far from Watford, then deliverable.
Just seen your in Lincoln, postage then..