S4 B9 Avant Mudflaps

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Nov 2, 2010
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Has anyone fitted mudflaps to a B9 S4 Avant? The profile where they fit does not look any different to other B9 Avants, although I haven't checked with a profile gauge, but mudflaps are not listed for the car.

I fitted standard A4 mudflaps to my previous B8.5 S4 Avant, the rear mudflap profile was a bit different. My new car seems to be getting dirty much quicker without mudflaps.
cuke2u - thanks, I already tried the parts request, Tom at Crewe Audi isn't certain, they don't list mudflaps for my chassis number. I'll try to compare profiles, I'm fairly sure the front will be OK and probably the back from what I have seen, have to check out at my local dealer, unless anyone has actually fitted mudflaps to an S4 Avant?
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S Line Mudflaps supplied by Tom at Crewe Audi, fit S4:

Upload 2018 7 25 14 10 58

Upload 2018 7 25 14 11 43

They look fairly discrete and hopefully will keep the car cleaner.
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I have them too and whilst they will not prevent spray down the sides at higher speeds they certainly help to keep the sills and the rear bumper clean..
The mudflaps go by body kit. The advant/limo fit each other. There are two types. You need the sline rs s version. I’ve got the other one and when I bought them I asked would they fit my car they said yes because it’s the non sline etc version. Decided against them as there wasn’t much protection for my larger rims and tyres. Put on some thick rubber mud flaps.
Yep, the sline versions have been fitted to an s4 saloon before now and will fit a avant..
Are they rally style rubber flaps ? What kit did you use to fit them - they’re far more up my street rather than the minimal Audi ones !
Just did a 25 mile trip in damp conditions, car is much cleaner than similar trip without mudflaps a couple of weeks ago.
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Can I ask - how did you fit them though ? Use existing holes or did they come with brackets that you had to drill to mount? I’m definitely going for this kind of mud flap- I just want to find the least invasive way of fitting them

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