A5 3.0TDI S-Tronic remap


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Jul 1, 2018
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Hi all

My brother has an A5 3.0TDI (2012) S Line Black Edition with the 7 speed S-Tronic, and his AUC warranty has run out so he is after a remap. We have heard the S tronic boxes do not like more than 600Nm of torque - is this true? If so is the only option for a remap a custom map with a torque limit at ~600Nm and thus accordingly as much power as the map company can get?

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Yes there is a limit configured in the TCU, so to get full benefit this needs to be increased. Also a TCU remap can increase the clamping pressure of the clutchpacks which will reduce the risk of slip at peak torque.
Talk to bobby singh, off this forum hes getting stage 1 245bhp 3.0litre TDIs to around 320/330 bhp and as much as 750nm he also remaps the gearbox @ the time of the map..

Theres also Unicorn @ around 300bhp but they dont map the box as standard on stage 1 maps
Where abouts are you in the country? . Rick at Unicorn Motor Developments is in Stockport and can custome map the engine to what you require. A 600Nm limit will still give you the potential for 320bhp plus .
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