375bhp Edition 30 Build thread


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Hi Guys,

Got a build thread over on Mk5 golf GTi and, thought I'd post one on here too! Have had myMK5 Golf GTI Edition 30 2 years now. Love the Car to pieces. Here's what it looked like standard:


Then decided to get the Wheels sprayed Black last year April


Then, got some goodies in June 2010:





AP Coilovers and 18", 8.5 A8 Comps.




At this stage the car had Revo Stage 1 map, AP Coilovers, ITG Maxogen Intake, WALK Kit and The 8 Comps.

Next up was a Milltek Non Res Cat Back.


Loved the sound it made too!

Then up went the US Spec Front Grille and the R32 Front Set up with Tarox Discs.





Also, Changed the Wheels to the Monza Huffs/Detroits:


They were in quite a bad way when I got them. Got few quotes to get the refurbed in Glos Black but because the Silver Strip was so badly damaged the quotes were more than I paid for the Wheels. So, I got them Sprayed all Gloss Black and lost the Silver lip at work.




A lot of People don't like the "Murdered look" but, I love it!! Next up I, wanted more Power so, ordered 3 months ago a Milltek decat Downpipe and a Forge DV.




Working for Audi is a great benefit as I can use the facilities to fit my bits and, my 2 mates are a huge help for fitting for me too! For the fitting of the Decat Downpipe I went to AMD Essex as I wanted to go Revo Stage 2+ as, I had also got Autotech HPFP Internals. So booked in with them to get that done, Rolling Roaded at 365bhp which I was well happy with!

As soonas I left AMD, MAJOR Clutch slip!!

So, the next day I called APS and ordered my Sachs uprated Cltch and gou my LUK Flywheel from buypartsbuy.co.uk. Got my Release Bearing, Flywheel Bolts and Clutch Bolts from Work.


Fitting this was a nightmare as we put it in, boxed it up and had major Vibration and strong Clutch smell. So, took it all apart again as we thought we put the plates on wrong but, they were on right. So boxed it up and could finally put the power down!






Finally, last week I ffitted my Forge Twintercooler and RS4 Fuel Pressure Valve and, also got my Revo settings put back on from when we disconnected the battery for the Clutch installation. Got it RR'd again and, put out 380bhp which I'm happy with. Also, done my Cam Belt and Water Pump. Oil Service next weekend before Inters!

So fo now that's the story with my Car. Ordered THS Engine Mounts as I don't need the Dog Niubt as I have an ECS one and, also EIBach Front and Rear ARB's! Saving for my Quaiffe Diff which I shoul have by September and then getting my Hybrid Turbo!

Thanks for looking, Guys!!


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The Mods to date are as follows:
Revo Stage 2+ Software
ITG Maxogen Intake System
Milltek TBE Decat & Powerflex Bushes
Forge Twintercooler
RS4 Fuel Pressure Vale
Forge DV
ECS Dog Mount
R32 Front Brakes
Tarox Fron Discs
Aud R8 Oil Cap
US Spec Front Grille
US Red "GTI" Grille Emblem
Alpine 9850Ri Head Unit
Kicker L5
Directed Amplifier

Mods coming soon:
Quaiffe Diff
THS Engine Mounts L&R
Eibach F&R ARB's


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Fwd and 380bhp must be a bit interesting, especially if its a bit wet. Great post though, just a shame its a Golf (jk).

I'd get that silver lip back on the wheels though, all that black just looks too much imo.


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The car is very interesting to drive in the wet. I'm actually getting some OZ lightweight Wheels soon so, will run these as my winter wheels when I do drive it in the Winter as its a nightmare in the Snow.


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You will love it!! The only downside to it, is no $ wheel drive! Once it gets going Its quicker than my mates Stage 2+ 8P S3! I've been thinking about a $ wheel drive conversion... We'll see!!??


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I have pretty much the same car, had it for 2 years as well, still love it!

I still prefer the standards wheels to be honest!

Im stage 3 superchips at the mo but not sure weather its running as it should. ANyone changed from SC to Reve? wanna know if its worth it?

Mine kept up with a 997 Carrea (not the S)

Is it worth me getting an intake system as only have a panel filter at the moment!


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@baldwined30- I know 2 people who have converted from SC to Revo and, the difference is huge! Get Revo put on at Inters if your going! They always have deals there! An Intake is also a definite! Helps your car to breathe better and, get a nice note from em too! I raced a Carrera S on the way to work one day and let's just say he wasn't impressed with seeing me pass him, lol!


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You passed him hahah brilliant! Whats inters mate? Also what sort of intake would you suggest? never had a car this long and have no intention of flogging either! Ill only end up spending loads on something that is slower!!


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May take a little trip up there! may just get an intake and see about a revo a little later! Wish i just had of gone revo first but had it done when it was in warranty so could change it back, touch wood, nothing ever gone wrong with that engine!!!


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Cheers, Foxmeister! I did like the Fast 5's but, for some reason always been a fan of the Monza's!

@baldwined30: I would say go for the ITG, mate! They give great gains and, look nice and a great sounding bit of kit!


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When you had the HPFP done, did you notice any difference in sound when you open it up? so your running stage 2+ revo map??
Think the intake is the next mod for me!


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Great write up mate and I love the murdered love on mk5.

Keep us updated


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When you had the HPFP done, did you notice any difference in sound when you open it up? so your running stage 2+ revo map??
Think the intake is the next mod for me!

Not so much in sound but, my god the mid range is a monster! Real head jerker! The noise my car makes is mental though with the decat!


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You got any youtube clips of the sounds? I'm not decat nor do I have an intake! You have your stuff done at AMD? You south east then?


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Just wanna hear what yours is like? i get it from the misses about the TBE so not sure she'll put up with an intake! ever had any issues with you DV? there seem to be two versions! How do you find AMD want a health check done but dont want them taking the p*ss and charging me the earth!


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Where abouts are you based? I can sort a health check for you... I work @ West London Audi... I've had no issues with my DV @ all!


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Ok, yea, a health check would be brilliant! im in Essex but i work in E14. When i had my HPFP changed the guy said that the cam cover was fine but the noise its making, im unsure as to weather its all ok!! Defo need an intake now! Didnt realise they were £350!!!!

Wes G

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Great read mate, I bought an Edition 30 a couple of months back and I'm loving it, mines a black 5 dr, when I bought it I sent it in to AMD for a full service, cambelt & pump, miltek, panel filter & remap, and it transformed the thing, made 322bhp on the rollers although i'm not that fussed about the figure as such its the way it feels now is just superb:racer:! I'm not going any further with engine mods but would like to change the brakes, was wondering where you got your R32 front set up from and how you are getting on with them? Are they a big improvement? Do the caliper carriers bolt on the hub ok or do you have to change that aswell?
Thanks for posting this on here, great read and very good figures, must be seriously quick now, I'm chuffed to bits with mine so you must be loving it!!!


(Dan Crook)

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Car Looks Awesome! I was going to get a ED30 But couldn't find a decent one at the time I was ready! :( Perfect example!