B+O Bass Speakers and Sub Blown - Not covered on Warranty


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Apr 17, 2014
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Picked up my new S5 Sportback at the end of April, love the car and done about 1200 miles in it so far. Great to be back to Audi after 18 months away. Was very excited to hear the B+O speakers as I love listening to music through an excellent sound system; I have just sold a Jag F-Type with the Meridian sound system built in which was pretty awesome.

After 3 weeks of ownership, one of the speakers started making a rattling noise when deep bass was playing. One day, when turning on the car all the bass in the car had gone. Dealer currently has the car and have told me that the speakers aren't under warranty and I have to pay almost £650 for replacements. Apparently the speakers have blown due the system being under too high a load and therefore it isn't a manufacturing defect.

Now, I do listen to music loudly in the car, but never more than 7/8 on the scale as it's too deafening. So my question is, does this sound right to anyone? I would have expected that even if I did play music at the max every day, they shouldn't blow and should definitely be covered under warranty. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this? I've raised a complaint with Audi UK and currently have a loan car.
I had a crackle/vibrato effect from my centre dashboard speaker which turned out to be the grille flexing, replaced under warranty along with the speaker unit too just in case that had something to do with it.

I'd try a different dealer.

I only have the *** tho not the B&O. Perhaps they are worried they would have to claim from Samsung (who make the B&O audio gear via their division Harman)
Thanks, that's my next step if this complaint from Audi UK doesn't work. I'll just have to try elsewhere. There's no way I'm paying another £650 when I just bought the car.
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There is no way a car that old is not covered on something like that. It’s not a wear and tear item like brakes pads etc. I would escalate firstly to the manager of the branch and then to the franchise owner

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I'd suggest the car is defective if you can set the volume too loud for the speakers they have fitted
Surely the sound system should have a cut out that would prevent the damage to the speakers?

That would be my approach as there is an inherent fault in the design that will allow this to happen.
What a load of bull, tell them if it doesn't get sorted you will be sending an email to the BBC Watchdog program. More like a speaker was dropped in the factory-fitted and now they are after an easy £650 dealership fix!!!
If you don't get anywhere with the dealer contact Audi UK to complain.
It should be under warranty i have the b and o in my car granted its the a4 and not a5 but mine gets hammered and touch wood no issues
I had a BMW that was fairly new and one of the speakers blew and they replaced it no question, if the speaker has broken it's a manufacturing defect and should be covered by B&O and in turn Audi. If they won't replace it take them to small claims court, you'd win although they'd settle before going to court I'm sure.
Thanks all. I’m glad it isn’t just me going nuts.

Audi UK gave me a standard rubbish response and asked me to take the vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion (4 week wait).

I’m going to have to call up again and set a deadline.
Thanks all. I’m glad it isn’t just me going nuts.

Audi UK gave me a standard rubbish response and asked me to take the vehicle to another dealership for a second opinion (4 week wait).

I’m going to have to call up again and set a deadline.

Don't wait.

Go back to the original dealer and tell them you want an Audi UK technical representative to come out and see the car.

Does anyone know if it says anything in the handbook about listening at high volumes for an extended period of time may damage the system? If it doesn't, then it should be covered without question.
@AudiUKCare on Twitter will get results. Can’t believe it’s even being discussed by your local dealer
Fire a solicitors letter at the dealer, it's the only way to get taken seriously these days
Latest update. Taking it to another dealership on Wednesday morning. Let's see what happens their end. After that, social media and letter time!
In this day and age, modern sound processing equipment shouldn’t make it possible to blow the speakers!
Quite correct, the b&o system should protect the speakers by limiting the volume...
Good news! Tunbridge Wells Audi are amazing and fixed them for free :)
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As they should! Hope you went back to the original dealership and told them!