Retro for auto light a3 8v 2014


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May 29, 2018
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Posted in two sections as cant really work out where to put it.
Hi guys after a bit of help on part numbers. I am retro fitting auto lights. I have done the auto wipers which work fine but I am getting error in auto light mode. "Switch sending implossable signals" and now found out that it may be a xenon switch which is different and have dynamic or adaptive lights. (Switch Look the same)
So has any one got hallogen lights that have had the auto function light fotted with front and rear fogs please. And is it possible for you to get me the part number of the switch.
It seems all sites seem to think everyone knows and don't say what kinda lights switches are for.
I have email retrofitting center like hazzy days etc but they won't tell me the switch part number they use. Understandable but I have turned all the stuff on and have the options in mmi. All vag com says active but the switch throws a fault.
Can any one help.on which part number switch I need please
It might be worth sending the lights man a PM and i am sure he will advise you better and maybe even be able to supply @t8ups
Who is the lights man. I have just joined this as there were.lots of read but none got to the then to say if any worked lol