Clutch and flywheel time again


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Sep 8, 2009
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Hi all,
After some let’s say spirited driving the last couple of days I have been getting that lovely burning clutch smell so believe it’s time to change the clutch and flywheel again, now I did the last one soon after I bought the car on around 70k so at 198k now I feel it’s done ok. I will be replacing the turbo and also be doing a remap, this will only be a conservative map as I’m not going down the route of bigger turbo, injectors, intercooler and so on. So my question is will a standard say LUK or SACHS clutch be fine or should I be looking to upgrade it and the flywheel?
Thanks in advance.
Mine is a standard 1.9 tdi 130 5 speed, obviously lost a few horses over the years but no performance mods done other than EGR delete and cat delete .
Thanks for that, I will most probably go for the Revo map as there is a dealer local to me and their figures are a torque increase to between 269-284 Lbft, so will tha standard bits you mention handle that ok?