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May 8, 2018
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S.Wales UK
Evening all.

Just thought i'd say a quick hello and show a photo of my new car. Had it 2 weeks now after upgrading from an 08 plate TTS.


Little editing using an iphone app but its a nice example. Getting it detailed next week by BMC near me in Wales.

Just wondering if there is anything i should be looking out for with it being on 40k miles? Anything that i should change just out of course? I had an old mk5 Golf GTI where the cam follower would need to be changed and the DV also would split its rubber and needed doing. Is there anything like this on these newer 2.0TFSI engines?

I apologise if there are 100's of threads asking the same thing but was more curious as mine is quite high mileage for the age and was interested to see if there were any others here with cars with mileage and age similar to me and what issues if any they had encountered.

Thanks all.

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If it has a DSG box then it should of had a gearbox oil change at 38k. Hopefully that was done before you got it though. Enjoy the car :thumbs up:
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:sign welcome:

Welcome aboard mate, looks a nice one :thumbs up:
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Thanks guys :thumbs up:

I'm having the DSG oil and filter changed by the dealer on the weekend as it hasnt been done and i didnt realise until i got home and looked through the service schedule booklet.

Nothing else i need to worry about just yet then?

Going to wait until the Audi warranty is up next year and then start with some mods i think :)
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Very smart car indeed.

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