Xenon Retrofit help!


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Jul 11, 2016
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Been through all the of the threads regarding the retrofit, collected all my info before i started. All going swimmingly, until i came across this connector... can someone please end my misery and tell me the proper way to remove the pink clip so i can get the new pins in, it just seems stuck where it is. Doesnt slide out anymore but doesnt allow the pin to click in. Many thanks people!


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If its the one I believe, you don't need to remove it, it slides to the side to allow you to remove or add new pins.

Also if it is the removable type, push all the existing pins fully home then try sliding it off as if they're even protruding a little towards the exit, it blocks removal.
Thanks for the reply mate. Thats what i thought, slid it to the side, tried what you said but new pins just dont want to click in, i know im doing something wrong, just cant figure out what haha. Its the tan and red connectors going into the J519 BCM. Just adding kufatec adaptor for the high beam.