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Dec 6, 2017
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So having just returned to the uk from working abroad, I needed a car. Wife has the new A4, so I’ve gone for a 1.4 A1.

Car is a January 16 first registered, sline and is the 1.4 150 COD version. It also has the tech pack and comfort packs installed. Mileage is 35k so quite high, but I get the remainder of manufacturers warranty.

Does anyone have the brochure for this age car? It has all of the connect services, but I will need to get a SIM card to install in the dash to get the google earth and google sat nav functions, any recommendations?

Collect the car on Friday, red one with a black roof. No dings that I can see, and the alloys will be fixed. Believe the car was an ex Audi HQ car.

Any tips on the above questions appreciated.

Good choice.

I have brochure from December 2015. Its 16MB so if your email can handle that then PM me your address.
Does anyone have the brochure for this age car?


I've the following in pdf format:

A1 Pricing and Specification Guide dated October 2011

A1 and S1 Pricing and Specification Guide dated April 2014

A1 and S1 Pricing and Specification Guide dated January 2016

**A1 and S1 Pricing and Specification Guide dated April 2016

**A1 Accessories Guide 2016

Same as dts439 says you'll need to PM me your email address so I can send (send via Sandra if you've a problem with the PM).
Thanks for the reply.

Dts439 sent me the December 2015 version, but I think that may be the one after my car, only because it shows a start button which mine won’t have. It does show what else should be present, which matches what the dealer claims it has. Hopefully collect tomorrow or Saturday, waiting for the sat nav update to arrive.

Just need to source a SIM card for the online services after that, and I’ll be good to go.

Hopefully all will be good on collection.
Start button (Advanced Key) was always an option. Just lots of the cars used in the brochure have it !
Ah ok, thanks for the heads up.

Added a SIM card to the car now, so got google earth and Allen that good stuff. Trying to use the myAudi app from my phone, gives me a pin code t9 add to the car, any ideas as to how I get the at to the car. I app ecaite not much can be done with the A1, but at least send destination etc.

Other than that, please with the car so far, couple of days in now.

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