S4 6k miles and worryingly high front tyre wear



Hi guys,
As some may know I have had my S4 a few months now and was an ex demonstrator/ service manager car.

Put my tyre black on yesterday and noticed I only have 3-3.5 mm of thread left on the front. Looks even wear. Rears about 4-4.5mm. Tyres are Pirelli.

I drive cars fairly nicely, had a few 400bhp plus cars in the past and never seen so much wear. Even the rears on my old Monaro lasted over 9k.

Is that normal and garage chap had a very heavy right foot or something else?

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Perhaps worth getting the front wheel alignment checked?
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Normal wear on that type of vehicle. Remember it’s a heavy front end and awd with a high performance sport tyre.
Plus it was used as a demonstrator and managers vehicle so it probably didn't have a quiet start to its life...
Thanks, plan to rotate wheels and start saving for 4x Pilot 4S.

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I have done 16k in my 272 tdi and still got a bit of life in them.

I would check that they are correctly inflated that is more wear than you would expect if you are driving sensibly.
I have been using the car door suggestions which is 41 front and 36 rear I think.

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