New owner with daft questions


Finally got my midlife crisis car
Aug 11, 2017
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South East UK
I have been the excited owner of a 56 plate Avant 3.0Tdi S-line auto for 5 days now.
very nice indeed.
a few dumarsed questions if I may:
1.-What looses memory from battery disconnection?
2.-Does the Satnav/radio need a code or anything if removed, unplugged etc?
3.-How do I find out my model code and engine code?

There are lots more but I don't wish to be too tedious.
Thank you
1) Not sure there's much... DIS loses saved settings I think.
2) if it's original it should know it's fitted to the same car and not need a code. If it's not original it may need one...
3) engine has a sticker somewhere, then there's a sticker in the spare wheel well with engine code and all fitted option codes.
Also key needs to be resynced for central locking to work, clock also resets
VIN sticker with engine code is also in the owners manual.

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Forgot about windows... they’ll need resetting for one touch/total opening/closure to work.
Quite a lot to reset if your battery dies then?

I'm looking at the options table in the front of the service book,
Is 8ED the model code?
Can't see any engine stickers, but hard to see much amongst all the plumbing.