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Apr 16, 2018
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pontefract, yorkshire
new to the forum.i am about to order new 2018 audi a1 sportback.i have looked at hundreds
of reviews but can not make my mind up on which to choose,125 petrol or 116 diesel.
I like a bit of pace but also the diesel quick or laws will not affect my choice.
I had diesels for 12 year upto my current car polo blue motion is quick but the golfs 148bhp
I have owned were just as quick,but offered more pick up at speed.
look forward to your comments.
thanks turbocatt
Hi, welcome to Hope you enjoy the forum :)
Only way is to drive them back to back. Manual/Auto will also make a difference.

Also be aware that there is a new model coming some time later this year.
thanks dts439.i was hoping some one had some strong views either way.there must be many drivers of the petrol and diesel models on this site
I will be choosing automatic.any news on the dimensions on the new a1
Personally I'd be seeking out a nearly new 150PS petrol, Seem to be some March registered cars around.

I have a 2018 Sportback with the 150 engine that I notice has now disappeared off the price list. There are still a few unregistered cars about so I’m told, as well as several pre registered cars. This is a great engine and I usually get 40 - 45 mpg and that’s a mixture of local and a few longer journeys. Gatwick Audi is worth a look on the main Audi web site as they had four earlier in the week. My worry with diesel is not the actual engine as that is first class, it’s the negative press based on fear, the VAG emissions cheat device and of course the scaremongering brigade telling us all that diesels with be worth 50 pence come trade-in!

And auto is brilliant and I’m now on my 4th A1 since 2011 (all petrol) so I’m one very happy A1 owner.

Try both and make your mind up after a decent test drive.

Reading the articles on the new A1 most seem to suggest is going to be a similar size to the new Polo.

Good luck.
Just a quick reply.
We picked up a March-registered A1 Sportback on Friday with 400 miles on the clock , it’s a petrol S-Tronic 1.4 TFSI with the COD engine, so 150 PS.
The journey home was 180 miles , mostly motorway at a steady 70ish, although we did encounter a horrible hour of bumper-to-bumper congestion.
When we got home I filled the tank again and found the consumption for the whole journey to be 47 mpg, which impressed me, as that’s better than my A3 TDI !!!
thanks for that nessy.47 seems very good for the 150ps.i am looking new and the 150 ps is no longer available.
does anyone know how the 125 ps compares,in pace and consumption.
thanks turbocatt
The 125 PS supposedly doesn’t have as good consumption /emissions as it doesn’t run on 2 cylinders on demand.
We were about to order a new Sportback (with the 125 PS engine ) as we had quite a long list of things the car had to have (pan roof, S-Tronic, S-Line , Glacier White with contrasting Daytona Grey roof) when an identical spec March -registered car appeared on the Audi UK website at a dealer in the Midlands!
It came in at 3K cheaper than ordering one and was instantly available and came with the COD engine, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to go for it.
thanks for that nessy.47 seems very good for the 150ps.i am looking new and the 150 ps is no longer available.
does anyone know how the 125 ps compares,in pace and consumption.
thanks turbocatt

The 140/150ps is at least 10% more economical in the real world in our hands compared to the 125. It also feels much quicker due to the low down torque.
thank you dts439.still had no information on the a1 diesel 116 ps,regarding pace and economy,
no ai diesel 116ps owners happy with there diesel.
thanks for the replies to date.
I have the 1.4 125 manual - always been very impressed with the economy (for a petrol) and seems to be consistently good across different journey types - unlike my A3 1.4 150cod stronic which seems to detest short/urban journeys but is really good on longer journeys. Unless you get a cracking deal though I would wait for the new model but that's your choice!