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Apr 4, 2018
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East Sussex
Ok quick bit of advice needed gents. I have carried out a grill change on my S4. My questions to anyone else who has completed the same, do you guys re-use the polystyrene packer to the crash bar or leave it out. Ive seen people paint the crash bar so assume its be left out. My concern is does it not support the grill when the wind is hitting he number plate area? I've got to remove my bumper again as all the tutorials on you tube etc neglect to mention you will need to paint the crash bar at the front so I can dispose of it then if thats what everyone else does.
This should be refitted with aftermarket grill, as you say, to support.
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Thanks. Makes sense. If you look at a lot of the photos on line you cant see it so did wonder. I will just black it out.
From what I read when I carried this out on my A4, the reason this is taken out is because you would see it clear as day behind the RS grill (assuming this is what you have changed it to?) hence it was removed but then the issue of the crash bar which would be visible.

I've had mine on for a good few weeks now and travelled a fair distance with it on motorway and it has been fine. With the amount of clips and screws that actually hold it in, I would pressume it's pretty snug in there without the padding.
So I know have a dilemma:
Remove the bumper again bin the poly pack and paint the bash bar.
Ease bumper out remove packer and paint the ends visible beyond my number plate and refit.

First option a lot more work.
Second option presents the question of how to paint polystyrene?
I've recently done mine mate as bellow. Not painted the crash bar yet as I didn't remove the bumper.
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It can be done without removing the bumper off, but was a pain in the a** if I'm honest. Especially in the snow. The only thing that runs across the bar was parking sensor wires. Also you need to be quite robust with the part of the bumper between the lights and new/old grill to replace it. It's amazing how flexible the bumper is though.

I've been driving around for a few weeks now without the foam patch behind the grill, both motorway and normal roads, with no issues plus passed the MOT like this too. Guess it's just personal choice really.
I removed mine and it’s been fine. If painting the crash bar make sure you do extra coats with decent paint as mine is chipped quite badly already. I would actually wrap it if I was to do it again - or use heavy duty paint and lacquer.
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Worth noting the POV from which the area behind the grill is normally viewed - the grey support in an already dark area isn’t a problem IMO.

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So I decided to leave the packer in. I've painted it dark grey/matt black. The main thinking behind this is where I live we have a lot of the more mature citizens shall we say. Should they decided to give my car a gentle tap in a car park my grill is less likely to break. It also means I can maintain the cable route in the back of it for the parking sensors so they cable are out of site. Rear diffuser next, gotta get rid of the grey. Why grey?
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