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Feb 13, 2005
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Trying to work out a way to mirror link my android phone to my MMI Nav Plus. Think I found a work around by connecting to the AMI connection with RCA and HDMI, but just realised I don't have an AMI socket in my glovebox like my previous Audi's.

Anyone else have one? I have 2 x USB under the arm rest but not sure if they can do the same thing. Have they superseded the AMI?
Yes, USB has replaced the older AMI interface on the facelift models.

I’ve not tried to mirror my Android, but all reports are that any type of workaround, including usb adaptors, are extremely poor, with low resolution.

What were you looking to achieve?
Hoping to mirror my phone so I can use Android Auto and gain full voice control over everything. Plenty of options to do it but didn't realise they were all low quality on the screen. Probably running USB 2 by the sounds of it.

Most of the mods on YouTube look good enough though, either using Navitech solutions or other expensive types, or even using the cheap Miracast links.

Any links to someone trying it on a setup like mine?

Have a look here as a starting point.

What are you looking for re voice control?

I have MMI High, and have voice control over everything. To check if you have this feature, hit the talk button on the MMI steering wheel controls, wait for the beep, then say “help”. It should then talk back to you listing all the voice commands you can use.

Mirroring you phone won’t give you any voice controls (as far as lm aware)

I believe (not tried and can’t remember where l read it) that if youre fully Bluetooth connected, there is a way to access Google assist/Siri using the MMI controls....
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I have Nav+ so have voice control for most things, but wanted the benefit of being able to 'Ok Google' questions while I'm driving for instance, that kind of thing. Haven't seen anything in relation to having that ability using the MMI, but will do a search.

Be handy to let my phone create/read out texts etc too as my MMI is prompting for a licence to do it.

Just looking at things to improve on I guess more than anything as I've had the car 6 months and only now getting the time to think about upgrades/mods. Now realised that you can't have the information (Radio Text) on the MMI for the radio unless you go into the function settings either.

Appreciate the feedback :icon thumright:
Mine reads text and emails. (Press talk button and say read new text messages)

Interesting re the licensing issue on the MMI, not something I’ve come across, and may be worth a trip or call to the dealer.

Are you able to access your car MMI info via myaudi.com?