Wheel wobble 70 to 85/90


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Oct 13, 2016
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As the title says, I’m getting quite a bit of wheel wobble between 70 85/90mph. Of course I only went those speeds for investigative reasons, and would never usually consider breaking the law so flagrantly........

I’ve done some reading through other posts and it seems that 50-70 is the usual problem area, but that is mainly caused by wheel balancing/alignment issues. Others have made mention of driveshafts, bearings and all sorts of stuff.

I’m getting wobble under acceleration, when I lift my foot off the throttle for engine braking, and under normal braking.
It doesn’t happen at all when pulling off the mark, or at any other speed, only between 70-85/90. It is not always the same amount of wobble either, and varies from not really noticeable, to holy **** the mirror is going to shake itself off...
Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

2007(57) 2.0 tdi, fwd only.
Process of elimination. Start with getting wheel balance checked. I've also known vibration with a damaged tyre too.

Next, jack up the car and hold the wheel at 10 to 2 position and try to move from side to side, paying special attention to pinch bolt area where upper control arms meet. Check rest of suspension for play, including warn dust ball joint covers.

If it was a wheel bearing I'd expect a constant noise at about 50mph. Not necessarily with vibration though. CVs should reveal themselves at hard lock to hard lock.

Lastly shocks or dampers. Any sign of fluid leak or broken coil spring?