Please need help with fault codes and diagnostic readings

Gordon Stewart

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Jul 29, 2016
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Hi folks, my wife has a 58 reg 1.8tfsi and the mil light is coming on every week and half to 2 weeks, I have reset it 3 times but through time it comes back on. I have a Fox well OB2 scanner which gives you live data but I don’t know what I am looking for . The fault code is P0171 Bank one to lean , can anyone help me with what I am looking for in the readings , many many thanks, folks , I will upload images of the data, if more needed I can take more. The first one is at idle, the second is at 3000 revs, the third one is at idle and then the forth is at 3000 revs, the 3rd picture never loaded up but the reading was maf 1.72 at idle , my friend also scanned it with his snap on machine and also came up with P119A fuel pressure sensor malfunction intermittent . The car still pulls well, has a very slight miss on idle but it’s tgat small you don’t feel it in the car and does not show on the Rev counter, think it’s running ruch though as Mpg is down and exhaust tips are a little black. Please if someone knows about readings could you help me


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Best to get VCDS on this to give better info.......there maybe someone local to you who can assist ?