Hello everyone and Help! 2.6 Coupe advice needed!


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Mar 12, 2007
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Hello all,
Im new to this forum and I hope this is the right place for advice on all matters Audi 80 Coupe! :)

Be gentle with me!

I have had numerous VW's in the past, custom Mk4 Golf show cars etc and now drive a 2.0TDi A3 and a Boxster S but my Girlfriend was looking to buy a new car and after much trawling of ebay/autotrader she decided that she really wanted an Audi Coupe above everything else! so after a couple of months of looking at utterly dreadfull examples, I parted with £1700 and came home with an immaculate K reg 2.6E V6 B4 Coupe in a sort of british racing green colour. After telling my girlfriend that an 'old' car like this would be at best a bit tatty, Im actually amazed! It hasnt got a single mark/scratch/dent/rust anywhere on it and seems spotless inside as well. Full service history which runs into £1000's and the previous owner has fitted the 17" TT/RS4 replica alloys, the clear indicators all round, RS badges and a full Stainless exhaust which sounds lovely!

so all in all im pretty impressed with it, it drives spot on and there isnt a single squeak and rattle or knock from anywhere and the engine is a smooth as a baby's bottom!

so I can see why you guys love your 80's! good choice guys and girls!

My only question at the moment is that I fancy fitting some lowered suspension springs as there is a good 2 inch or so between arch and tyre and the ride feels a touch wobbly and 'wooley'. what sort of drop do you recommend? I was looking at a either an AVO 40mm or 60mm kit and possibly fit some bushes while im at it.
Will either of these ride heights be ok with the 17's and will any 80 - B4 chassis saloon/coupe springs fit ok? ie, are they all the same regardless of engine or saloon/coupe?and lastly, does anyone have any pics of their 80 saloon/coupe thats been lowered so I can have a look at what different drop heights look like?

many thanks for your help and Im sure I will be on here a bit more often now I have one of these cool toys! :yes:
Hi AudiCoupe Tim,

I have a B4 chassis 80 2.6E quattro saloon. I agree about the ride on these cars being fidgety, I don't know if it would be different 2WD to quattro but it sounds like they all ride similarly. I have lowered mine by 35mm on PI springs that I found on e-bay for a bargain £35 brand new! It cost me another £90 to have them fitted. As I had already relpaced the front shockers I left them alone/standard. The car is now a smooth tought ride without being too firm, even friends have noticed the difference as passengers! It also brings the wheels (also 17") nicely in to the arch without looking tucked up. Its not all good news however. The twin cats on these cars hang low under the car and despite replaceing all the exhaust rubbers the car has become alergic to steep speed bumps. The down pipes are solidly bolted the the engine so there is little scope for easy rectification of the problem. If the Coupe has a shorter wheel base which I'm sure it has you should be fine, just don't go any lower than 35mm!!!

I hope some pics will appear below?!?!?


I have done a couple of other bits and peices to mine:
Jetex pannel filter £20 (bought it at GTi international, they are the same as early MK2 Golf GTi items)
I also removed the air trumpet on the front of the air box and the top of the internal air trumpet, they just unclip. Worth doing as they are very restrictive.
Retro fitted flip key remote key fob bought of e-bay for £25 works fine with the standard alarm I have broken the ket though. Doh.
Mesh grill. I got some aluminium mesh from Halfords sprayed it with Hammerite and pulled the old grill apart for the ring and outer edge. Well I think it looks good a bit RS2 ish.
Clear lenses on the front but you've already got them and the wheels.
Unfortunatly the 2.6 V6 is one of the most untuneable engines ever, seemingly and if you do try the cost will out weigh the benifit, its worth running it on high octaine super unleaded though as it seems to improve throttle response. If it wasn't for the fact that I will be having to sell mine in 6 months due to a scary career change I would attempt a de-cat with items that look like cats as they are supposed to be there for the MOT. However if the tester doesn't know they aren't real and the car passes its CO test you'll still get a nice shiny MOT.

They are good cars! If you've got an Audi without a squeeky/rattly dash I'd say thats a rare beast! lol

Quick plug if you join Club Audi, Stephen Fone knows a lot about the B4 chassis cars.
"Com on Tim you cant have those badges on your car"

No that would be terrible :blush:
Thanks for your help ATC! and by the way, thats a nice looking saloon! love the colour as well. It looks like exactly the sort of ride height that I would be looking for, nice and sportly looking without being 'slammed'... my last mk4 golf was -85mm on coilovers and it was utter torture during day to day use so I was just thinking of a 35-45mm drop on the audi as its riding high at the moment!!
Yesterday I fitted a new pipercross panel filter and drilled the airbox out on the 'cold air' sides that are on the front and against the wing, took out the feed pipe bit you mentioned as well, it seems to breath more easily now and that induction noise is beautiful! like I said, its already got a full cat back stainless system on it so it sounds sporty without being loud and I think thats all Ill do with regards to the tuning/mechanical. it seems to go well enough and sounds cool so that will do for my missus im sure!

And yes, amazingly every bit of electrical kit on it works and nothing rattles! Ill post some pics when I get round to taking some and learning how to put them up on here!

and as for the RS badges.... they were there when I bought it!

thanks for your help, im sure ill be back for more shortly!

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