My car lowered with Eibach Sportline


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Dec 4, 2006
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Well after a lot of hard work, trial and error and a sore back i have finally managed to lower the car with my Eibach Sportlines on the s-line struts. It is now lowered 50mm front and 40mm rear.

The lowering bit
I tried last week to get the strut out of the strut housing, but couldn't do it without the spreader tool, so i got that yesterday from my Audi dealer. I used 4 hours on the driver side (lh drive) and after a lot of thinking and cursing finally got it off. I used spring compressors while still on the car and a piece of wood with jack to get the strut out of its housing. Finished my passenger side today, and the rears which took 30 mins.

The ride
Driven about 1-2 hours this evening, and all i can say is that I'm totally satisfied. The ride is not that different from standard s-lines when driving normally, i was expecting it to be much bumpier, but it is very firm and good, even over speed bumps. When I did some fast corners it really held well and felt so stable and grippy, especially with the 215/35 on the 19"ers. I have only driven myself, but I have not heard/felt any rubbing at all.


The pics
The sun had nearly gone down, so light was not perfect...

marriedblonde said:
They are not too bad are they? Fitted a set to mine :)


Well after you sent me an email where you said they were a bit harsh i got a bit worried, but i prefer them to the s-lines

Thanks! :icon_thumright:
looks well lad!

any pics of the this spreader tool?? was it really necessary??
Here is a pic with the spreader tool in place. It basically works by inserting it into the gap and turning 90 degrees to open the strut housing.


Here are some photoshopped ones :)




i know i will be alone on this.... but im not sure of 19''s on the A3, just doesnt seem to look right, sorry :ohmy:
klauster I was just thinking the same :p somthings not quite right but good job, looks **** hot
Jepson, can you take a picture from the side only?
I'm searching how some 19'' with 48ET and 8.5'' would fit.
I don't want them to be wider than the arches, a bit to the interior of the arch if possible.
From my calculations my desired configuration would be 2 mm out than yours.
The front is perfect and is lined up with the arch, but the back has more space to come out.


I've got RS4 reps on my A3 which MarriedBlonde lowered on the sportline springs before I bought it.

I used the rear seats at the weekend for the first time and had my Sister-In-Law and her Husband in the back and the wheels rubbed over a couple of road dips.

I find that the back is a bit squirmy (for want of a better word) over some bumps. If I had to put a technical term on it, I'd say that it is under-damped.

What do you meab by lined-up? Are front wheels exactly the same line than the arches? I prefer to see it a little bit inside.
I was trying to understand how will fit some 19'' wheels from S6, the BBS bi-parted, you know?

The fronts are lined up with the arches, which means that if you stand 90degrees over your arch and look down you will just se the rim.

At the back the rim is about 1 cm tucked in under the arch.

GTI Jazz has 225/40R18 and i have 215/35R19 so my tires are a bit more stretched so it doesn't rub.
If you have already or don't mind to take another picture from the front side, similar to the last one sent by you in this thread, but more from the front.
When you mean if you stand by 90 degrees you only see the rim confuses me.

Sorry for my disturbance.
if you stand on your bonnet and look down, the wheel will be alligned with the arch where as the rear wheel sits in the arch

Obrigado ;)
Boydie said:
if you stand on your bonnet and look down, the wheel will be alligned with the arch where as the rear wheel sits in the arch

Obrigado ;)
like i said ;)

just see = barely see = perfectly aligned
Looks good! I haven't made my mind about 19's I've had a quote for BBS CKs but I'm not sure, I'm afraid of 19's being too much... Also, the standard S3 ones are kind of growing on me me now... Did not like them at first but now I like them... Probably because they are different from the rest (RS4s, CH, etc) and are not that common...

BBS's would look sweet on the new S3

and whats another inch?? a woman wouldnt complain lol

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