Audi S3 BAM AMK APY engine code


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Apr 28, 2010
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Good Morning,

Are the BAM AMK APY engine codes pretty much the same i have a friend who has a AMK engine and he wants to fit an APY engine in which is also from an s3. will there be a difference? what is VVT? as i understand the APY has VVT and the AMK does not.

can someone help.
Transfer the VVT and cams over... you will need to blank off the SAI port on the APY head too

Bottom end is the same but check if it has an oil sensor in the sump... if not you will need to transfer the sump and windage tray from the AMK too

Use the AMK sensors.... the APY coolant hard pipe from the back of the water pump maybe different (I don't remember off hand)... if it is use the AMK one and a new o-ring seal

Treat the APY engine as a bare engine and it will be a fairly painless swap

Thats what i was strip the APY engine block bare and put everything from the AMK back on it. is this correct? thank you for your quick response.
"as i understand the APY has VVT and the AMK does not."

pretty sure the AMK and BAM have VVT and APY does not, APY is the earlier engine.
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