Anyone caught out by "the beast from the east" ??

Oh, a selection of bridges across the Forth, taken from the South side!

I got about another 4 inches yesterday, but I've cleared that away from my driveway and road, we will see what tomorrow brings!
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So far as far as summer Michelin tyres are concerned, I have only got experience of using 205/55 X 16 Premacy HP on a 2000 VW Passat 4Motion and 195/55 X 15 Exalto on a 2002 VW Polo 1.4 SE - the next time that I revisited that Michelin tyre depot for a couple of new Exaltos, the tyre fitter said "you don't plan on using them in winter do you?" - by that time I had learned my lesson and had bought in a set of steelies with 14" Michelin Alpins on them, so I could honestly say "no, I'd worked that out!".

I've always liked Michelin tyres but now know when not to expect too much out of their summer tyres. My daughter's late 2009 Ibiza needed a full set of tyres and so I convinced her to buy all season tyres, but with the size of 17" wheels that car has there was not a Michelin all seasons tyre, so I ordered in a set of Kleber Quadraxers, maybe that was a good choice for this winter!

Winter tyres will be on the next car even if I stick with VAG. It's a laugh with PS3's and I'm in a lot more control than I thought I would be with them on, but the assurance of winter tyres would be enough to justify it