follow me home audi a4 b6


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Feb 27, 2018
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quinta do conde
Hi people I'm from Portugal and I bought an Audi A4 a B6 (2003) and I’ve installed a “follow me home kit” that I bought on eBay as advertised used on a golf 5.

I’ve this same Kit in another car a Seat Ibiza 6k2 and this same kit works perfectly there, however in the Audi I’ve the following problems;

1º when opening or closing the car at night, only lights up the minimum headlights instead of the medium headlights.

2º driving at night with the “AUTO” selection or manual the kit connects directly medium headlights, it is supposed to connect the minimum headlights first and then when darker the medium headlights, the kit as it is connects directly medium headlights.

Did somebody already installed this Kit in an Audi? Is there anyone that had this same problem and manage to solve it?

Is there someone that could help or guide me on this matter?

Thanks in advance

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