Help Please Is my Climate Control Unit totally dead?


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Jul 6, 2012
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During my drive to Audi yesterday for my Gearbox Oil Change, my Climate Control unit decided to stop working. It froze on the MMI screen when I was changing the temperature, then completely went dead, no lights, no response, nothing, although the setting I had it on before it died was still active (front screen and feet)

Pulled over, turned the car off and back on but still nothing and no output from the vents now.

Dropped my car into Audi and asked them to take a look. They can see the unit is receiving power and is grounded but still won't turn on. They then said that some of the coding for the unit was missing??? Something to do with the HVAC control and flaps I think they said. I have never had any issues with the unit myself until yesterday.

They said they could try to correct the coding and see if that works but I am not convinced the unit just needs to be re-coded to get it working again. I believe the board inside has died or something along those lines.

Has anyone else experienced a completely un-responsive climate control unit?

If needs be I will just buy a second hand unit (anyone selling one?) and just replace it but how do I get the component protection sorted, can/will Audi do that?

Going to be a cold drive home when I collect the car tonight by the looks of it.

Thanks all
It might sound obvious but it’s not a faulty fuse is it? Worth a check if not done already
Thanks @Neil Wilkinson but already checked that.

The unit receives power but just no display or lights on the unit.

I'm going to take a look at the board today and see if I can see any obvious damage or blown components.

I have a spare unit but it's from the B8.5, so does not work in my car but hopefully can salvage some parts from if need be.

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