New Engine on A5 cab fitted, advice please


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Feb 4, 2018
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im new to this forum but I need some advice from fellow Audi owners please. I have had my a5 cab tfsi 2lt 2012 from New with full Audi service history. For a second time my pistons have failed and Audi have now put in a brand new engine with a 2 year warranty. This was a 10k job which I had to pay half. Before this happened I was contemplating changing it but how would this now affect the value of the car? Should it be worth more or less? The car has 50k on the clock with now a brand new Audi engine as of last week. Any advice would be really helpful.
Terry, if the car’s got a full Audi history AND a brand new engine, I’d expect the value to go up. If the cosmetics are also up to scratch - good paint, well-maintained interior, etc - and there’s no other mechanical issues, you’ve got a very saleable car.
Which may, or may not, make up for the accumulated aggravation you’ve suffered getting to this point!
Thanks for the reply Julian. The car is in very good nick except for scuffed allows & a small dent in the rare wing which i intend to get repaired. What price do you think i should be looking for Considering the a new engine, two year warrenty and only scuffed allows as a down side? Thanks in advance for your reply.
I’d love to, Terry, but the used markets in the UK and Oz are very different animals, so I’d be talking through my hat if I did. Someone local, with a much better informed grasp of the UK scene, is sure to weigh in on the subject soon.
An additional thought - it’s worth considering getting the alloys cleaned up. That sort of cosmetic damage can kill a sale fast, no matter how good the rest of the car is.