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Dec 29, 2016
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Since last being on here i sold my b6 sline quattro 190 and deeply regret it

Im pleased to say i have just purchased another.

Does this price seem reasonable or have i over paid?

04 plate s line quattro. Manual, 127k fsh
New tyres, recent full service inc cam belt and water pump, clutch done at around 120k

Mot may 18

Sounds very reasonable if it's a clean example!

I paid a lot more for my Avant not long ago... With the hope it's still worth that now... You've scared me...
Sounds ok. I just picked my Avant up a couple weeks ago.

2003, 3.0 V6 Quattro Sport Avant, Auto, 89k, 12 months MOT. Most of it's service history, but I did just give it a full service including timing belt. High spec with Votex kit, leather, xenons, bose, parking sensors, cruise, refrigerated glovebox, heated seats front and rear. I paid £1400 for it.

Obviously mine was cheaper, and significantly lower miles. BUT, it did cost me £800 in servicing since I got it.
I paid £600 for my Avant 3.0 Quattro Sport back in September 2016.
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What a depressing thread lol... My Avant was 3100 a year back... About 103k FSH, s line, quattro , 1.8t 190 w/ heated seats, cruise, parking sensors ...
I bought my 2.5tdi 5 years ago for 3k

Thanks to the mrs the body is completely ruined now (every panel! & I'm not repairing), so I'll be getting another in the next year- if it dies

Happily pay 1500 for one = sounds a great deal
Paid 4k for my 04 Avant quattro 1.9 tdi 14 months ago, i know i paid over the top for it but it was in good nick & local so no gallivanting around the country only to find it's a pile of poo.
My last one, same model and the 1st I've had was £3600 from a used car dealer. That was akoya with fsh and 102k. 04 s line Quattro 1.8t stupidly sold it and got 3k for it last april

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