a6 heated wing mirror


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Mar 6, 2007
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salford gtr manchester
any body got any ideas why my drivers side heated wing mirror is not warming up i have got a 12volt supply to it and have continuity on the mirrors eliment but no heat
Dead mirror heating element at a guess
Those on the A6 are on all the time, I know I had several of my 2001 car replaced under warranty because they used to pack up
I had a similar problem.

Pass. side mirror heated up too much (almost too hot to touch!) and the driver's one heated briefly when I turned the ignition on, but then went cold and stayed cold.

Replaced both mirror glasses and the problem was solved. I suspect the little silver thermostats at the back of each mirror glass were broken.

The heat isn't constant in the mirrors - they cycle the heat. They warm up, hit their temperature limit, and the heat goes off again. When they've cooled down the heating comes on again. Each on/off cycle lasts about 10 minutes.

New glass is about £30 for driver's side / £25 for pass. side from an Audi main dealer, but I know they're cheaper from motor factors.

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