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Apr 6, 2004
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Thinking about swapping the S3 for something a little more practical and am considering an A2. I know there are 1.6 petrol and 1.4 diesel 75 and 90 models but which is best?

How well do the diesels respond to remapping? What are the gains on the 75 and 90?

Basically any information would help!


My ex had a 1.4 TDI and it was a great little car.
Her's was the 75 and to be honest it was pretty weak...we fitted a tuning box that gave a few more BHP...so I think the TDI 90 would be a belter.

That's what I'd be looking for, if it was me.
Thanks Glen. What was it like to drive? It would be mostly motorway work so I need something that can cruise at 70 in comfort.
I was also thinking about one a while back and was looking at the 1.6 FSI. Realy decent MPGs and quite nippy too.

Im not sure what the parts availability will be like now that they have stopped making them, thats what kind of put me off.
MRC can take the 75 and 90 bhp diesels to 100 and 115bhp respectively. The lady has a Polo with a 80 bhp 1.4 diesel and its pretty nippy. The engine is quite coarse when pushed, partly as it is a three cylinder engine, but at a cruise it is fine. The fuel economy makes up for that - you can get mid 50s mpg easy and over 60 easily possible on a long journey.

Parts avaliability will likely not be that much of a problem, it'll likely be a few years before body parts start running out. The later models are still in warranty they will still be getting serviced at main dealers.

Theres an A2 owners club http://www.a2oc.net . The forum isnt that busy, but the people there seem quite knowlegeable.
petewon said:
Im not sure what the parts availability will be like now that they have stopped making them, thats what kind of put me off.

I believe there's a legal requirement that car makers have to stock parts for up to 10 years after a vehicle ceases production so I wouldn't expect that to be a problem.
I went from a Mk3 Golf GTI to an A2 TDI 75, and I really liked it!

I wanted something seriously economical for the annual mileage I was planning to do, and I really struggled to get below 50mpg, and more often it was in the 55 to 60 region.

I liked the sound of the little 3 cylinder engine, kind of like half a V6!

The one thing I did criticise after 18 months and 45000 miles, were the seats and the ride with the 17inch wheels. Mine was an SE, and the seats were a little 'flat' and not very supportive around the thighs, and lateral support was nearly non existant. I felt like I was falling off them! I had a sport version as a courtesy car a couple of times, and that was much better. I thiught the driving position was good too.

The lack of a rear wiper was a bit of a pain, and visibility past the A pillar took a bit of getting used to, but no big deal. My in-laws used to have no trouble getting in and out of the back, and overall it was a pretty nice car. Never had to lay a finger on it other than maintenance.

Having said all that, my A3 after 90,000 miles has only ever needed maintenance as well (fingers crossed!), and I get between 47 and 50 mpg, so from a fuel saving point of view not a lot in it, considering my A3 has nearly twice the power of my old A2.

Mind you, at least the A2 was a 'proper' bespoke Audi, and not a re-bodied Golf. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course, but just that the A2 is a rather unique little car I think, and I certainly wouldn't complain if I had to have another one!
marctwo said:
Thanks Glen. What was it like to drive? It would be mostly motorway work so I need something that can cruise at 70 in comfort.

I really liked it...
Firm enough to chuck about, with modest sized tyres and a light body so it's reasonably fun to drive.
Not fast as such, but swift enough to keep up with traffic and make 70-85 MPH motorway cruising efortless.
Quite low geared though, so at 85 ish you hear the diesel drone...but I never found it annoying.

I tried a wee £15 tuning box thingie (fuel temperature resistor, no doubt) and got great results...perhaps a loss of 5 MPG but a lot faster to drive.
No idea how much extra though...enough to feel it.

I love the packaging of the A2...good seating position, very practical.
We went to the NEC and back (from north of Aberdeen) in complete comfort with little 'un in the back.
Great...cruised all day in comfort...
Good car the A2.
I really liked it.
1.4 tdi is the one to go for. Really well designed car. My Girlfriend has one and I find it a complete blast to drive. If we go anywhere I always try to use the A2 as it is stupidly economical (compared to my A3) and puts a smile on my face when I drive it.

Can't recommend them highly enough!!
shollis said:
I find it a complete blast to drive...


its not that good....
Hi, My wife has a 2004 1.6 FSI A2 with Open sky. It is a great car. I recently replaced my Alhambra MPV with a A3 3.2 and we now use the A2 when we need space and practicality. I have had an Audi Towbar fitted and regularly carry three mountain bikes on a towbar mounted bike rack and also tow a trailer with three Offroad Motor bikes on. The ability to remove seats makes it so practical. In fact the A2 has more room inside than my A3 or my brothers 3 series estate. The A2 is nice to drive and the 1.6 is great but you have to rev it. Doesn't run at well if normal unleaded is used. In fact it reminds me a little of the old Mark 1 Golf Gti I had many years ago.

I run a 1.6 A2 now and its good fun to drive around town, the sport model has firmer suspension and later versions 17" alloys, it can be a bit firm.

The TDIs are good though and you will see around the 110-115bhp from a remapped tdi which makes it fairly nippy. THe advantage of the TDI is that they now fall into the £35 road tax bracket which the 1.6 doesnt.

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