Car feels rattley/wobbly


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Dec 3, 2004
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Ive noticed recently my B6 A4 Quattys been feeling bit rattley lately, just not as smooth as it used to be suspension wise. I had it in for an MOT last week and it passed no problems but the mechainc said that the anti roll-bar busing/bolt was loose and would need replacing. Anyone know if this would be the cause of what Im feeling in the car? Its just when Im driving on straight roads with any kind of rough surface, feels kind of rough and bumpy.

Any ideas?
You need to get that done before the bolt snappes off! no that it may but if it does it's harder to get the bolt stub out of the mount! you would do well to replace the anti-roll bar bushes anyway, it will give back the feel of the car you have lost. it could also be the front suspension arm's, they wear out on B5's like nobody's bus. so i'd presume they will wear out on B6's.

also check Trackrod ends and drop links.

you can tell if you jack the car up a little but with the tyre still touching the ground. grab the wheel at ten to four and try to rock the wheel backwards and forwards if it knocks or clikcs the balljoints on the suspension arms have worn out!