Dynamic vs Comfort

Ryan Carpenter

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Nov 22, 2017
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whats everyone’s preferences? I have a 1.4 TFSI and wondered what main difference is? I notice acceleration responds better in dynamic but wondered what else?

Sport trim
Im in comfort most of the time with the occasional switch to dynamic. I like dynamic but I dont think it suits the car for everyday driving as it holds onto the gears for too long and I dont want to be paddle shifting all the time. Does anyone use eco?

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In auto and use sport on the stronic when I need to, but rarely. In auto it'll switch temporarily to dynamic when it detects wide throttle pedal movements...
In Auto for me, can’t be bothered with changing it to suit so just let the system sort it...... when needed I also use Sports mode but that’s not very often!

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I find by leaving it in Auto I can basically switch from Comfort to Dynamic on demand by just knocking the shifter down so D changes to S, adaptive suspension instantly firms up and everything else that Dynamic uses. Unless I'm imagining it! Eco for motorway cruises.
Does Auto switch between all 3 driving modes or just comfort/sports?

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I don't have adaptive suspension so I don't know about comfort but I would assume it would switch from comfort to dynamic depending upon what it senses the driver is doing and other parameters such as throttle openings or steering wheel movements...
I’m dynamic 90% plus and with manual gears. Only use comfort and auto if I can’t be ***** or am on a motorway cruise for a while
I initially used Auto however after reading the manual I discovered that the Adaptive Suspension is in 'Balanced' rather than 'Comfort' so now I mostly drive in Comfort with the occasional switch to Dynamic.

Engine: Auto
Streering: Dynamic
Engine Sound: Dynamic