MMI 3G+ BT streaming and phone?


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Nov 25, 2017
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I'm hoping I don't already know the answer to this one...

My phone is linked to the car MMI 3G+ and that's great, but should it be possible to Bluetooth stream music from another phone at the same time, or do I need to disconnect my phone?

I could do this no problem with my old car's Parrot MKi9000 but so far every attempt the kids have made to pair with the BT on the car have resulted in failure and I'm starting to think this may not be possible.

Of course, they can plug in through the AMI, but that then requires them to be in the passenger seat with the phone in the glovebox. Not particularly handy. There is a part of me that will be perfectly happy if the answer is a no ;) :D but it seems a little limiting for such a full-featured entertainment system?
All you need to do is to go to settings - Paired Bluetooth phones or something like that, identify the other phone and enable Bluetooth media streaming. I do all the time with my wife’s phone. Mine is connected for calls and hers is for music.

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Great, thanks for the answer, I thought we'd tried to do that and it didn't work. I'll try a bit harder next time now I know it is possible :)
I will try sending you the picture once I am back home. Didn’t bring my car to work today, she is resting as she had a tiring weekend

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