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Nov 5, 2006
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Realise there is a thread sticky for this but more of a general issue.

My order shows my car as "
Black Edition 2.0 TFSI quattro 310 PS S tronic
Navarre blue, metallic"

I didn't order Black edition :)

Anyone else's show it incorrectly?
I think that’s been a common issue of it showing wrong trim. But Best to check with dealer to make sure they’ve not messed up order anyway

I’m still waiting for my order to be trackable, as it can’t find my order yet
I saw my order flip flop between black edition and not quite a few times whilst waiting for my car.
Mine showed as black edition for a number of weeks, seems to be a common occurrence, if you are concerned phone the dealer and/or check your order sheet
Cheers thanks guys. Wouldn't have been too upset with Black Edition but would have wanted Ara to compliment :D
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This has been an issue on the Audi system for over a year.
Did the same with mine and most others on here.
As long as your paperwork matches what you ordered it'll be fine, although checking with the dealer wouldn't do any harm mate.
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