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Feb 13, 2005
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I know this has been discussed over and over again but I've got fed up trying to figure it out. I have an android phone with rSAP, so basically I can connect my phone to the car and it takes over the sim. Works great and allows me to use Audi Connect and get all the fancy bits like news and Google maps on the nav etc. What I'm missing is the ability to stream music from Spotify on my phone as the phone has taken over the sim. Am I missing something here? I know Napster can work but is the only option in order to have Audi connect and the ability to stream from Spotify, to get a sim for the car?

The only way I can get Spotify to stream is to select Media —> Source —> (Phone name)
Then to fire up Spotify using the phone controls. There is no remote control of Spotify using MMI controls.

Don’t forget you can download Spotify content to your phone, so you don’t need a data connection to stream phone content to the MMI.
Right folks, can ask a question..

I have a new to me 2013 A7 which has Audi connect and the sim card slot between the two sd card slots..Now bear with me..

Right so if i go onto nav and select map view it allows me to have either 2D 3D or Google earth ( yippee) but when it trys to load earth the google symbol in the bottom right hand corner stays grey instead of white and then it pops up saying not enough data...and reverts back to standard 3D.

So i take this to mean that the car requires a data sim to work on google earth, SO i've read about rSap ( i have a galaxy S7 phone ) instead of physically putting a dedicated Data Sim into the sim slot can i just tether my phone to the car to use my phone's data? Whilst still using my phone on the cars bluetooth to make and recieve calls?

Or do i need to get a data sim card for the car to get google working?

Thanks for any info..
Wonder if it's your data speed? I've just noticed that my setting keeps reverting back to 3d view instead of staying on Google earth, but when I reselect Google earth it works no problem. Just found out 3 are doing a £10 PAYG sim with 3gb of data open for 3 months. Just going to get one to solve this issue.
rSap is irrelevant for data. rSap allows your car to control things like sending and receiving text messages etc on the MMI, and making phone calls using the MMI controls. Data is via Bluetooth tethering.

When you do the initial Bluetooth hook up it usually gives you an option to tether the data to the MMI (I think the option pops up on the actual phone). If I remember correctly, there is also an option within the MMI menus to select data source - sorry, I’m away from home just now so no car to go look.

I do use a SIM in the slot, actual data use is pretty low, think I’m on a £7 data only sim from Vodafone, and it’s 2Gb plan. Never runs out of data allowance.
thanks for the reply folks.

Right i think what im going to do is buy a sim data only card on pay as you go summut around 4/5gb to start with stick that into the sim card slot and just use my phone via bluetooth to make and receive calls and stream Deezer and hopefully if it works just use the date sim in the slot for google earth stuff.

If im honest i dont think i'll use it very much @ all, but because Audi connect and Google earth are in my car i want them working..Its sad i know but i've never had stuff like this before in my car so why not have it switched on...
right am i been thick here, i literally just want a payg data only sim card that i top up as and when the data runs out, but all the deals seem to be contract ones..

What do i type in to find just data and pay for an amount and thats it job done
I'm in agreement with you there Holmefield, if it's there it has to be working. Plus I think the Google maps looks smart in between the dials :smile new:

Again, as I've never had a PAYG before until about 2 hours ago, you have to look at the time allocated to them. I got a 3 data only sim with 3gb of data on it (£10), it's good for 3 months, can top it up when I like but the limit for using it is 3 months. Trip home used 45mb, but I think that was mostly downloading the new maps for the route I took home, unless of course it doesn't cache the maps and loads them all continually even with repetitive routes, who knows. Connected my phone after inserting the sim, all working seamlessly now with Spotify. Now currently messing about with Google maps on my laptop and now able to send locations/destinations straight to my car. Loving that sh1t! :salute: