0.0 on Steering Colum What is this?


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Nov 13, 2017
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Vancouver, BC
Hi all, new member here. Can someone explain what this is?

Upload 2017 11 27 9 15 21
Upload 2017 11 27 9 15 21
Reset the miles covered since refuelling etc
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It resets the trip computer
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Lol, it's made me feel better about some of the more basic questions I've asked before!
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It was an honest question, I have never owned an Audi, so I didn’t know thought it might be for that....but with the digital dash thought it would covered on the screen above...
I thought it was the button that turns all the exhaust sounds off - and unfortunately stuck in 'OFF'

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Hi, Welcome to Audi Sport.net.
Do you not have a users manual ? . I think you should have a read through it . There is a lot you will be missing with the car if you can't work out what that button does. If you don't have a manual I am sure you can view them on line.
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