Bilstein/H&R S3 Setup - GB Feeler

Hello DPM, i am interested in your Bilstein/H&R setup. Is there anything else i need as it will be lowering my car?, read on here somewhere that i will need tie bars. Is this the case?

Is there anything esle i ssould be doing while the cars in bit?

Could you also supply me with a price for ARB?

Cheers Mike
Wow, i payed £350 for the dampers alone and they were unused but secondhand!!
DPM said:
Was that for the Bilstein Sprint B8 shocks Lee?

Yep, the shorter bodied ones. S3 BOW, bought them brand new in germany for his car but never fitted so i took them off his hands.
DPM said:
We're just currently waiting for the correct price list to come through and then i'll get some actual prices posted!

lol, glad that price was incorrect. I was gutted!!

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