First oil change


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Nov 10, 2016
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Anyone had a similar experience?

So I took my car to the dealership for an interim service. It’s nearly a year old and the info display said oil change due.

Although my experience of this place isn’t great, I got 2 free services as part of the deal when I bought it.

Took it in yesterday and when I picked it up they said it wasn’t due a change and that sometimes this message pops up as a glitch. So - they reset the message and said “it isn’t due yet”.

Is that right?!

Also miffed as I asked them to check for a suspected slow puncture and repair or replace using wheel and tyre insurance policy I bought with the car. Job sheet comes back saying puncture found - no mention of if it is repairable or was repaired. Had to ask the service desk, who in turn had to go back and keep asking for clarification. In the end yes they had sent the car back with an unfixed puncture!
12 months or 10,000 miles which ever comes first I think for most of the Audi range. Have they set it to the longer service intervals ? i.e. motorway mileage setting?.
No idea is there a way of finding out? I do mostly urban driving.