Stage 3 mapped car needs Stage 3 brakes!


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Nov 4, 2017
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North Wales
I took my S1 for it's first track day yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it ... over 400hp in a little S1 is quite something :D

Standard brakes are just not up to the job though & they were smoking inside the first 20 mins! ... So, I need to uprate the discs & pads and maybe calipers?

Obviously I don't want it to cost the earth, someone on track yesterday mentioned fitting a set of used Mitsubishi Evo Brembo brakes to it as they had done that with their Type R .... but I've no idea if they'd fit an S1.

All help/advice greatly appreciated :)

Nope (I was told not needed they are good for 470 without (?)), this is running just over 400 (via an S3 turbo/intercooler etc)
My S1 isn't going bang anytime soon it has had over 10k spent on upping the power in the right way, its faultless bar the brakes (which are fine for road use just not track)
Did it go without any warning?
yep was litterly 200 yards from home was going to get new tyres booted it at 30mph boom