35/ 40 TFSI MPG


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I beg to differ but I think each point of view has it's merits. My motoring is mainly urban, with the occasional and rare longer run, like today. With urban I can achieve, if I want, up to 40mpg, thus I can compare that with official figures. Todays drive was mixed, thus I compare it with a official mixed figure as well.

Taking a long term average and mixing all the conditions the car has been in and averaging them cannot be compared to official figures.

However if I was to take today's figure and my urban one the average would be around 42.5mpg. If I was take my lowest urban mpg, 30, and add it todays it would be around 37mpg.
Even if you are happy to take the long term average mpg that then could not be used to compare with others as the questions usually are, 'what mpg can it do around town, or, 'what can it do on a long run'. Unfortunately yours would only be a average of them both thus could not be used to answer those questions.
Don't get me started about the different driving conditions that can drastically affect mpg either. Ambient temps, engine temps, distance travelled, hills climbed, number of corners taken all add up. Then there is the driver who probably has the most influencing factor. We are not all the same, we don't all drive cars the same way and with the same driving conditions. So the conditions do need to be separated, ie urban and mixed, and not merely averaged out, to at least to get at a comparable figure.


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Fair comment.
I tend to consider long term average as the real indicator for me personally, comparing vehicle to vehicle over the ownership, other things being equal (i.e. the driver, the type of motoring, annual mileage, etc.).
As you say others will always be different, but I think its interesting what other people get out of similar cars, as people are always comparing, hence why there are always threads like this one and others asking similar questions.


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Just had one of these as a loaner car from Audi Cardiff while my S4 was in for some air con work ....
I managed 288 miles around my local regular South Wales routes which is a combination of mixed urban and motorway miles - the 35tfsi managed 34.9mpg ( off the trip computer ).
Now I do these routes daily in the s4 and my average for the same roads, same times of day and same conditions is 32.4 mpg (calculated)

I was fairly shocked at the 35’s economy but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s just running in - the car only had 200 miles when I picked it up !

My feeling from watching the real-time consumption figures was the the 35 really struggled with economy as it got up to cruising speed, but once there the economy was good. I’m sure on a big unbroken drive the economy would be much better but having said that on a similar long, flat drive , say London to Cardiff the S4 managed 39mpg !!! Can’t fault that
Had my MY19 35 TFSI for approx 10 months now. Long term average is 45-46 MPG. On longer trips (for example a fairly regular 280 mile journey to family in Brighton) I get around 53 MPG (pootling around 70 on the Mways) and that’s with a pretty full load (dog, dog crate, luggage and, oh, my wife).
Previously had a 1.4 TFSI (122 ?) A3 - long term average (at least three x 10k cycles) on that was 50.4 MPG so I’m more than happy with what the A4 is returning to date.
The make up of my mileage has changed a fair bit, prior to Covid I was doing a 25 mile each way commute (A Roads exclusively) three times a week. Now working exclusively at home so, in addition to the longer journeys outlined above, I do a fair amount of shorter journeys (5 miles or so, sometimes a bit more) which obviously wrecks the MPG but soon as I do a longer journey it’s back up to an average of 45-46.

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I hope all these figures are not just off the trip. If so my “indicated mpg” can be around 70 on a long run and high 50’s around town on my 2.0 tdi. Just use a light foot and the trip computer goes way off.

As it was mentioned on here before, if it’s trip mpg don’t bother putting it on here as it’s a waste of time over real mpg calculations from actual fuel used from a tank.


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Some owners have compared their 'trip' readings against the amount to fill the tank versus millage and found it only to be 1-2 mpg out. Even the amount to fill a tank method can be just as inaccurate anyway...
Some owners have compared their 'trip' readings against the amount to fill the tank versus millage and found it only to be 1-2 mpg out. Even the amount to fill a tank method can be just as inaccurate anyway...
Yes and No!
Smog said when using a light foot the figures go way off. I've found this 100% true on all cars I've toyed with. I've seen 74.7 from my 3 litre lump on a 30 mile local trip, from cold.

Averages over long distances tend to run closer, and yes my 55.4mpg >25000 mile average is only 3.4mpg/6.5% off my fuelly below.
As for yor brim to brim comment, true for a single fill. Evidenced when Mrs Aldi fills it using her credit card! But not over >25,000 miles and over 70+ fill-ups. The accuracy (or lack of it) of the odometer is the biggest error generator and they tend to over read, as with speedos, which would flatter the figures.