Good free classifieds to use?


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Jan 13, 2006
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Deal, Kent
Yo, want to sell my car, have put it on here in classifieds, but before I shell out for the inevitable Trader advert, anyone have any good tips of where else to put it? I just thought of Pistonheads. Any more.
Am not really up for putting it on ebay due to too much tw@t exposure (I never thought i'd use that phrase and mean it!) and adtrader and loot are usually useless too.
I can't fault the old fashioned way of sticking a for sale note in the car window. Sold my Polo within 24 hours that way, and my dad got rid of his last 2 cars that way. Totally free.
True, if you don't mind driving around with your phone number on display..
I'd have no end of women calling me all the time! LOL
I'd still consider eBay, even if you do get a few morons trying it on. There's no question it's the hottest place for car sales at the minute - even dealers are turning to it - so you're guaranteed a lot of exposure.

The key thing is to get the listing right. Be aggressive about time wasters and canvassars to put them off, and go to town on the detail with lots of text and pictures to do the car justice. You can't do this with a window ad or AutoTrader (without spending tonnes of cash).

Incidentally, a work colleague recently sold his 2.2 Zafira through Auto Trader, and although he only got one call, that caller did actually buy it. However, he had dozens of canvassers though, so you might not be free of morons as opposed to using eBay.
I'm just about to sell my mates Landrover disco for him and thinking of E-bay but not sure if I will just get a load of Tw@ts mailing me..!

Think it also depends on the type of car you are selling to
I sold my Jeep on Ebay, never again.

People trying to tell you what it's worth and wasting your time.

Every other question is "how much do you want?", put a ******* bid in and find out!!!!!!!
Piston Heads is free thats quite popular.
Id say auto trader as i use it quite a lot i`d ratehr buy a car from there anyway