RNS-E installed...HELP..!!!!


Jan 2, 2007
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North East
Ok. I have plodded on and converted my car from sinle to duel din and installed RNS-E. All installed ok and all was going well.

Not being familiar with the system I started having a bit play and its now playing up. I have a mute symbol showing at the bottom of the screen which disappears every so often momentarily but comes straight back on. I cant get any sound from the radio or CD, although Sat Nav is ok.

The Red DIS keeps flashing between PHONE and the radio station. I dont have a phone installed though the previous owner must have done as there is a Sony Ericsson box of some sort behind the cente console.

Now that I have swapped out my previous Concert HU I dont have any music and its really going to do my head in I'm sure.

When testing the RNS-E a few days ago the mute symbol was showing after a while although I didn't have the ignition on so didn't notice the PHONE flashing.

Any idea's????
Following on from the above, it seems because the damn thing thinks there is a phone connected (though RNS says no phone installed), the system is staying on as I can hear noise through the speakers.

I have coded it in VAG-COM but this error was occurring before I had done that and thee recode didn't solve it.

The only thing I can think of is that your adapter is wired incorrectly. The phone mute lead must have a current going through it, which is why the RNS-E constantly goes into mute mode.

I'm not sure about how to modify an adapter or what all the PINs do, but look up http://www.navplus.us and look in the "Schemas & Diagrams" section. It may just be as easy to do a search or create a post on there too.
Cheers mate, I'll look into that. I'm concerned about the Sony Ericsson box of tricks so I think I'll disconnect that lot tomorrow. Had to remove the fuse while its parked up though as I'm sure its keeping the RNS-E on and I dont much want a flat battery.

And I'll no doubt spend all night reading NavPlus.
Job done.......fingers crossed anyway.

Manage to dig up some info on Navplus.us where craigyb was mentioning some adapters having 2 mute wires. Disconnected one of those heading to pin 8 on the pwer connector and all seemed good for the 10 mins worth of testing I did on it.