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Oct 15, 2017
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Any ideas guys where i can purchase a S7 rear valence/ diffuser for a 2011 A7 similar to this? I'm guessing it'll be the same fit for the A7 as the S7. I found a nice one on ebay that encases the exhausts but is £300+ inc P&P :huh:


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If you have an S-Line model, the S7 and A7 rear diffusers are interchangeable. Obviously the S7 one is for two twin pipe exhausts, so you would have to fill the space with something.

The facelift diffuser will not fit the pre-facelift cars.

You can ask for a price using the Parts Request tab at the top of the page.
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Hi RAF, yes fortunately i do have the s-line. That's handy, i'll put a request in!

Oh i'll fill the space ;) I really like the AWE quad tips but for the life of me i can't find them for sale. AWE don't do a full system for a 2011 A7 Tdi quattro but JG51 has put me on to someone local that'll custom make an exhaust for me.
AWEs are difficult to find in the UK/Europe as they are primarily a USA market leader.

There was a UK distributor (Regal Auto Sports in Southampton) but they no longer stock AWE components.

I did this conversion on my A7 a few years back (3.0T) Totally transformed it. I did wrap the S7 valence in carbon wrap first, as I thought it was too plain. Some pics.....



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That's exactly the look I'm after RAF, I'll use your pics to show the custom exhaust maker JG put me on to.

I was swithering between just two pipe exhausts and keeping the original valence or quad and getting the s7 valence but you've just made my mind up brilliant, I'll have a look at those sites today.

Wish I bought a 2012 model everything would've been so much easier!
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Now i know, why i'm really struggling to find a S7 rear valence. Because it doesn't exist, the car didn't go in to production till 2012!! Any ideas guys? Any thoughts on a 2012 diffuser fitting a 2011 car?
I see too be up against it here, the few I have found state they only fit SE models and not the S-line