Audi S3 goes into limp mode


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Oct 1, 2017
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Hi everyone need some help with my 2007 Audi S3
I had the timing belt kit and water pump changed all genuine Audi parts
Plus I replaced my pipercross panel air filter with a K&N panel filter and now my goes into limp mode sometimes on hard acceleration
The car didn’t have any faults before the timing belt and water pump change

Has this happened to any one before?

P.s the K&N filter did seem to over oiled if that helps
Scan it. No point in guessing what it could be.
But the funny thing is no engine management lights come on
Could be the K & N filter. I have heard that the oil in them can cause problems with the 8P and MK5 Golf. That's why I went with piper cross in the end
Yeh that’s what I’m going to do
Plus I got it scanned and it come back as clear no faults
K&N waste of time, stock filters ate actually very good flow rates & oil can affect maf readings.

However I'm leaning towards cambelt change.
What you leaning towards cambelt change?
What you mean by leaning towards cambelt change?