** Help, Think Ive Used Wrong Oil **


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Jan 22, 2007
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Right, Ive had a blonde moment today :keule: ..... oil needed topping up, was
quite low (2003 S3), went halfords, they didnt have S3 listed so i rang my independant audi garage and they said 15/40 oil ....i saw a castrol one
that was made for high mileage cars (mines got 82K on it) and thought
give it a try .... now ive read some 'oil' posts on here and finally read my manual i think its wrong ....

here's the daft oil i bought


my engine seem quieter and faster though!!

what should i do ? should i get a oil change done in the morning ? or will it be ok until the next service (approx 6 months away ) ...will there be any nasty effects ??

thanks for any advice
well if your worried about it i would just drop the oil out and change it. wont take long and you have piece of mind. might as well pop a filter on too!
Seem to remember that 505.00 spec is the recommended spec for vag diesels?

Cant believe it would make that much difference if all youve done is top up your existing oil with it, but then again depends how much you topped it up with.
trouble with halfrauds is that the advise you get comes from a 17 yr old assistant with a bad taste in chav type cars and was only an itch in his dads pants when i started in the motortrade. i only go there as a last resort! they fitted a cd player for a mate once, he asked me to look at it as it stopped working - they had cut the iso plugs off his car and scotch locked the wires then charged him for an adapter harness! anyway, a decent small local garage should change it for you in an hour and you could even supply your own choice of oil.
It shouldnt do much damage I woulda thought but I dont have great knowledge on newer cars, I used to use oil they used in rigs on my fiesta and that ran fine!
if you normally use fully synthetic oil on your s3 and have topped it up with 15w40 semi it wont mix.

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