Meguairs gold class wax left swirl marks all over!


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Jul 11, 2003
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So I washed my car yesterday and tried the Meguairs wax. It seemed to work well - the results were certainly highly reflective, although I did notice a few swirl marks in certain places that I couldn't seem to remove, but I could only see these at certain angles and in very few places.

The car has been in the garage overnight and when I got it out this morning there were swirl marks all over like an echo of where I'd first applied the wax! What have I done wrong???

At the time, I used first a cotton cloth and then the meguairs microfibre cloth to 'wax off' and it looked fine. Its like the early morning condensation on the car has revealed these marks.

Does it matter what I washed the car with before I applied the wax? It was a 'wash and wax' concentrate.

Should I have used a polish before wax?
ok it say in the rain all day yesterday and then when i got it out of the garage this morning it was back to normal. Still a bit confused though...
Hmm interesting one, I think the echos are just due to the early morning condensation that occurs, this happened to me once but after it dried up it was fine.

The swirls, fine scratches always appear too well in the dark colours esp the Ming blue like what I have. I do the Clay bar then the Scratch X then the Gold Glass, but the faint lines are always there.
I thought about your post when at the weekend I finally got around to polishing the girlfriend's car with nothing special, Mer polish. I was getting a bit lazy by the time I got to the bonnet and started to poor the polish onto the bonnet and rubbed it about a little, not as much or as even as I had with the side of the car. I then allowed it to dry after some 3/4 hour or so. When I came to remove the polish I found it quite difficult to remove without leaving a slightly streaky finish. Then when I breathed on the bonnet the condensation from my breath revealed streaks all over the bonnet. These were very stubborn to remove. (With hindsight I should have tried applying more polish) I also breathed on the side of the car where I had applied the polish direct to the cloth and took more time to rub it in and found no streaks. So I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't just poor the polish on. I should apply it directly to the cloth and apply it more evenly and work it over the paintwork a little longer. I've also noticed in the past that if I apply too much pressure I leave swirl marks.

Off course all of this sounds very obvious but how hard it too hard and what is an even application? Well definitely not pouring it on although I did spread it out to what I thought was even.

Anyway, I'm sure it is nothing special to Meguires.

By the way, do you all think Meguires is so much better than Autoglym? I ask as I've got £25 worth of Halfords vouchers and I don't really need much from them at the mo but some decent polish might be in order.

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