a3 2004 tdi sport 140 bkd

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May 17, 2017
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Hi all new to this site . Just bought a3 tdi sport and have discovered driver side foot well is really wet . Have checked in below the car and cant see anywhere the water would be getting in . As anyone on here had this problem or could give me any help/info . THANKS
Have you had the bonnet up to see if there's any damage to the scuttle panel where it meets the bottom edge of the windscreen? I don't know which ways rainwater drains away on these but on my Vauxhall omegas, leaves could clog up drain holes in the scuttle panel and specifically on the passenger side rainwater would build up and run into the car behind the glovebox.

another theory, could it be getting in via the wheel arch? is the wheel arch liner missing?
yeah check all the rubber grommets near the scuttle panel/bulkhead area. As this is the driver side, there is an AC component behind the driver's footrest that collects water. May have leaked in? Try the other things first.
Check your door rubbers (seals) too and make sure the drain holes at the bottom of the doors aren’t blocked. Water can come though by the speaker if the seals are worn. Run your hand under the door pocket and see if it’s wet or pop your door panel off and see if the speaker is wet.