Courtesy Cars - Best, Worst, Most Recent

Beast! haha

And relax......

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First automatic I've ever driven and I'm impressed. I don't want an auto still but I have to say I see the appeal. 190hp version so they pretty much matched my spec but in diesel.

Complimentary and no cost to me, 390 miles of fuel in if too!


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Had this nice big 5 series whilst mine was in for accident repairs recently. Loved it until the Mrs decide to drive it into a high curb! 100 quid in a back street body shop to put it right before it went back lol

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Years ago when my Laguna went in for repairs the insurance company provided me with what looked like (in the dark) an orange Cinquecento. The next morning I woke up to find a glow coming from the front was actually salmon pink!

The most expensive courtesy car I’ve had was an equivalent A4 estate while mine was having bodywork repairs.(a lady decided to drive into me while I was parked up) Took my son to his swimming lesson in the courtesy car and returned to find the side totally stoved in. I was parked in a child parking space and the ****** didn’t leave any note,; so I ended up paying my insurance excess and another £250 to Audi for their car.

The best courtesy car was when I had all the 2.0T oil issues. I kicked off big time and told them I was considering buying an A6 3.0TDI S-Line Avant. While mine was in for repair, they gave me one with all the extras you could ever think about. Absolutely lovely car, but I still bought the E-Class estate instead. I couldn’t cope with anymore unreliable Audi’s.

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Best - RS3

Worst - B9 S4

The perks of being friendly with the general sales manager at my local Audi dealer
When I had mini's I was given a 1.4 ONE which wasn't too bad as I had a cooper.

Then I got a clubman which developed a limp mode fault caused by the fuel filter so Sytner Harold Wood gave me a cream cabrio (the envy of many of my girl pals) and then a 116d auto which had 1 mile on it and was wrecked when one of my drivers sideswiped it and took their signage off as well as paint.

When I got my back doors smashed in (on the clubby again) I got a Yaris auto awfully awful car and by some freak coincidence, the shop rang me and offered a brand new A180 (the latest shape) in manual so they can give the yaris to some old goat.
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