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Jul 24, 2006
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Hi everybody, i would like to know what everyone elses audi a4 reads on the display when they fill up.Mine is 2.5 tdi and when full to the neck clock says 385 miles but if i drive it like a granny it goes up to 435 at best.Thing is, my mate has a 1.9 and his says 575 miles so is mine broken!!
I got my 1.9TDi 130 to read 720 miles, but it averages about 550-600 per tank, approx 48mpg. There seems to be quite a big difference betwen the 4cylinder and 6 cylinder models. Don't quite understand the point of the 2.5litre TDi in an A4, you might as well have a 1.8T.
I have a 2.5 TDI and when I fill it up I think it say 525 then varies as I drive it.
AndyMac an 1.8 T doesn't have anywhere near as much grunt as a 2.5 V6 tdi I towed a boat to Cornwall last year and didn't even notice it. And I was after a tdi when I changed my car, so it was a 130bhp 1.9 or the 2.5. I chose the 2.5 and love it.:)
Filled to the brim-range says 450 miles-475 miles, I always get 350 miles, sometimes 380 actual, don't drive like a **** as most of time me son is on board :)
I have a 2.0 FSi though not derv.
Well I only chose a diesel for the economy as we do 40k miles a year in it, can't really see why else you'd chose one, but to chose one that only does 30-35mpg seems a little strange (unless it's a big old truck or a stupid 4x4).
Unless you were towing the QE2 I doubt anyone would notice having a small boat attached.
i never get a chance to drive my car we still aint use the first tank of fuel since weve had it 2 months or so!!!
Ok here is the update i filled up last night and it said 340 miles and i went for a spin and did 70 miles and when coming in the gate of my house it said 450 miles and i was driving it handy.What does everyone think is the float in the tank stuck maybe or is this normal.
Mine certainly varies a lot - 155ps 2.5 TDI Saloon
When brimmed, it tends to say about 700 miles (though it once said 920!!) and then settles down during driving so that miles covered + miles to empty varies between about 620 - 660, sometimes 700.
It does depend a lot on your driving style - this morning I sat in traffic for about 20 minutes and by the time I got onto the motorway it said 195 to empty, rising to 220 by the time I got to work, 25 miles later!
I'm currently averaging about 50 mpg
I'm getting close to the 600 mark in my 1.9 Tdi 130, this is a slight improvement since getting it remapped.
Tommy, I'm sure those 19inch A8 rims probably don't help. Have you got the original rims to ut back on for a test ? A lot of guys I know have had their engines remapped (including my own recently p/xed Octavia vRS) and it actually IMPROVES economy.

I drove my a4 B5 1.8 T Sport like a granny, mostly motorway miles and got 428 miles out a tank. With a section of booting it racing an Integra Type R needless to say i got my *** handed to me.
I used to get 420-460 miles out of a tank when I had my 2.5tdi avant, whcih was around 33mpg.
I could reset it and get 40mpg on a 60mph cruise, but after a week or so it would always be back at 33mpg.

I could get 500 miles from a tank if I didn't fill up as soon as the reserve light came I guess, but being realistic it is around 440 miles from a tank.

Still, the S4 only gets 180-220 miles from a tank, so what your getting sounds pretty cool to me. ;)
"I'm currently averaging about 50 mpg" in a 2.5 TDi? I don't think so, unless you live on a motorway and never go over 56mph.
Agreed, 50 MPG out of a 2.5TDi, sounds 'optimistic' to me!
everyone else seems to get around 35MPG!
andyccr said:
Tommy, I'm sure those 19inch A8 rims probably don't help. Have you got the original rims to ut back on for a test ? A lot of guys I know have had their engines remapped (including my own recently p/xed Octavia vRS) and it actually IMPROVES economy.

Well ya thats true i suppose,but i dont have the old wheels sold em for 300 euro the same time i got the car.I bought 18s in a8 then bought 19 rs6 then 19 a8 and must change my signiture now because since last wk have 19 nuvolari.Really like these, kind of cross between rs4 and a8 as they are 9 spoke but are polished face.As for a remap i have that got it at www.turbotech.ie think the car is around 225bhp this is prob why the clock reads as it does.I got a tailored map pretty much told him to get every last bit out of it ha ha.Ive raced alot of cars with it and it has no problem keeping up with the new golf gti or my mates r32 gtst skyline so im happy.the best mpg i got was 200 miles for 20 euro at 1 euro a litre here so thats a shade over 50mpg,its just the clock i thought should be higher........
I checked mine today and I'm averaging between 36 and 40 mpg which I think is pretty good.
AndyMac I wasn't towing the QE2 but something close ! lol

I'm on 235x45x17"s don't think these are the originals but they were on when I bought it
I was just going by your signature pic, unless you had the sail up, not really gonna test any motor is it?

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