Ultimate Dubs

*A3 Girlii* said:
But your be waving at my bf he drives it hehe
Ohhhhh soo does your mum play at the tennis club??

No does lives a stone throw away!!
I have my 30th Birthday there

I won't wave at him then!
silver75 said:
have you seen the state of my car at the mo :ohmy:
we ain't show n shining are we?!? so if your cars a mess put it beside mine and it'll look ok
Any of you guys been to this before thinking of making a trip up just wondering how many Audi's usually on show plus tuning parts etc??
My first year, this year should maybe organise to meet somewhere for the crack.

I went last year and it was a very good show. Mainly indoors with a few cars outside so it doesn't matter if it snows like last year!
I'll be joining the M6 around Preston, probably from the M65. What time you planning on travelling down Chris?
Aye, see ya there Lee, I'm looking forward to meeting a few people TBH.

Gonna need to get jiggy with the cleaning on Saturday. Bet it ****** down just as I'm about to start wiping the wax off.
I was looking into booking a hotel nearby but they never got back to me with any details so didn't bother chasing it up.
Be leavin about 7 or 8 fella probably 7, take me an hour and a half to get to preston way won't be hammering it with the little one will be in the car so just cruising. probably stopping a couple of times on the way down. not got the dvd installed yet so she gets bored easily.

got to spend fri & sat getting the car ready now LOL
Biglockie said:
Be leavin about 7 or 8 fella probably 7, take me an hour and a half to get to preston way

Sounds good to me. Fancy making a stop @ Charnock services and meeting up?

*A3Girlii* said:
ohh thats a shame im down for the hole weekend... shud be fun,,,,
Any excuse for a **** up eh? :beerchug: Don't blame you. If the hotel had got back to me, I'd probably have been driving down saturday.
looking foward to sunday hopefully meet you guys as well as seeing your cars, shall we all arrange a meeting point im leaveing leicester about 10ish just awaiting rickparmer and few other lads to get back 2 me and arrangeing a convoy up.
Aye nae bother fella let us kow what the crack is
ive never bin to Telford internation centre but if we all could meet about 1ish also need a place 2 meet would be kool, whos been there before is there a good place 2 meet?
same never been.... cant wait im of 2day hepling put my mates carbon fibre bonnet on his lupo....

were u lot meeting then?
wat if we all meet at audi driver stand at 1? if u want my num ill pm it.
sounds good to me I'l probably be with Joost
DIPS_A4 said:
wat if we all meet at audi driver stand at 1?

I'm up for that. In the words of the A Team's Hannibal Smith, I love it when a plan comes together!

Dips, you have PM.:thumbsup:

Chris, we've now got a straggler - one of the lads I work with has decided he'd like to grace us with his presence. He's got a Beemer at the moment but I've managed to get him to see the error of his ways!:aggressive:
pm sent jooster! kool dgannon69 c u there at 1ish. ive just ****** my front bumper up it got caught up on kerb ripped it off the hingles and cover is dangling off with my temp sensor for aircon just my luck
Oh **** Dips! Hope you can get it sorted!

See you at 1 Dave, you too voorhees (sorry mate, wasn't ignoring you before - that's twice you've been left out on this thread!). Looks like Audi Driver stand's gonna be busy around lunchtime...
I'll be there, only live 15mins away!

Never been before though, hopefully see you guys there!

i might not make it now, just got home, itd 4.53 am

bit drunk :)

all will depend on how i feel to mo
No show for me as my navigator had us going down the m6 toll so I lost the plot and came home rather than smacking him one
Shame mate, there were a few very nice motors (a few piccies to follow). :photo:

The wait to get in was unbelieveable though, you'll be glad you missed that - about an hour and half queueing to park. At one point though, all I could see in front of me (apart from a bright yellow Avant - still can't believe you spotted me and missed Biglockie Dips!) was a queue made up entirely of VAG group cars. Except the FIAT that had broken down...:tocktock: Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the queue, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Some serious cash had been splashed on the cars that were there, all of them a credit to the owners that obviously spent so much time getting them to the standards they have :respekt:

Hope everyone got home safely. It was great to be able to put a face to the names and cars on the forum too - Biglockie, his two little ladies and Dips. Looking forward to the next one I can get to now! :jump:

Once I've got the pics sorted, I'll get them on.
Few pics as promised:


Some of them seem to have turned out a bit yellow, think it might have been something to do with the lighting??

Unfortunately, when my mate in the passenger seat got the one of the 911 on the way home, he only succeeded in getting the nice stonechip in my screen in focus, rather than the 911. Typical!

EDIT: wrong friggin link from photobucket...should work OK now.
omg just got back, what an amazing weekend. Met sum really nice ppl and saw some even more amazing and unique cars up there..... so glad the show season is finaly apoun us!!!!!

will put my pics up later

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