Fan still running after ignition turned off?


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Jul 25, 2014
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Hello all.
Have had my C6 nearly five years now and it's started doing something new since I had the timing belt and water pump done two weeks ago. I have notisced over the last couple of days that when I switch off the ignition and locked the car that the fan is still running. The first time it happened it was a fairly warm day and I had been stuck in traffic. Yesterday morning after my drive to work it happened again, the drive to work is 60% motorway so there was plenty of air flowing through the car plus it was a chilly morning. This has only started since I had the timing belt and water pump done a couple of weeks ago. I have done some research on line, some sites have said that it is quite common, others have said that the DPF was going through a regen. If it is going through a regen I assume you would get a warning light on the dash...would I be right in saying that?

No, there isn't a warning light when doing a regen.
My Passat CC used to run hot when doing a regen and the fan would run after the ignition was turned off. Haven't had it on the A6 though.