Parking Sensors Retrofit


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Oct 18, 2006
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West Yorkshire
I fitted the genuine Audi parking sensors to my A4 (B6) yesterday and it is well worth the retro fit - if anyone is thinking of doing this then I would highly recommended it :icon_thumright:

I didn't do a How 2 guide but if anyone needs any help on doing this; I'll be happy to advise.

I'll try getting some pictures up when I get the chance

I have toyed with the thought of doing this but wasn't sure how difficult it would be?? Was it straight forward enough?
Same here, but was waiting for someone to try it first, Sheraz your from West Yorkshire - whereabouts? if your anywhere near Bradford perhaps I can check them out in person, also did you fit them yourself or get a specialist to do them, when it comes to wires and electrics the closest Ive got is to change a plug and a light bulb.

To be honest it is pretty straight forward; it is best to have a couple of spare hands. It took me over 4 hours to do but I took it nice and easy just so there are no mistakes.

A followed the following how2 guide from a member on TSN:,2,12,15,22,25,26,27,3/Number/1054776/an/0/page/0#1054776

Pav-G - I live in Bradford

The genuine kit gives you full instructions on fitting inc which wires need connectiong etc (except for taking your bumper off)

I believe there is a front kit but that is a bigger job as it has a switch which needs installing on the dash somewhere.
looks quite straightforward, where did the kit come from and how much did it cost?
Bought the kit from Ebay (Audi dealer) for £130 inc delivery - it was on as a special price (RRP is £200)

Defo worth the retrofit :rock:
Definately worth the money!
My only concern would be making the holes in the bumper without burring the outer edges because it could end up looking ugly!
Did you use a hole saw of the appropriate size? how did you prevent burring?
That was my concern at first BUT it was fine once I used the right tools!

I initially drilled a 3mm hole (you can make 6mm if you want) and then I used a corn drill to make the right size - the good thing with the corn drill is that you can keep checking/fitting the sensors until the size is perfect!

I hardly got any burring with the corn drill as I did it slowly - but you can always use a file/sand paper to smooth it off.

As the sensor covers the edges; you won't have any probs of it looking ugly :thumbsup:
Not sure what a corn drill is?
Heard of a hole saw and a tapered ream, but never come accross on of those!

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